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The Empathy Podcast
The Empathy Podcast
This podcast dives into the minds of people that have a unique ability to put themselves into someone else's shoes, imagine what they are going through, and then take action. It's one thing to understand Empathy, and a whole different game to practice using Empathy in your daily life. So sit back, relax and use what you were born with, Empathy! Support this podcast:

In this episode we sit down with Cassie King. Cassie King is an animal liberation activist and grassroots organizer at Direct Action Everywhere and campaigning for Wayne Hsiung for Mayor of Berkley 2020! 

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Time stamps: 1:00 What does Empathy mean to Cassie King? 

3:20 Why do you think non violent direct action is so effective? 

5:20 What is the scariest thing Cassie King has done? 

9:10 Who is Cassie King? 

14:20 Why did you stop eating animals? 

22:30 Why did Cassie become an activist? 

27:25 How impactful is social media for activism? 

30:45 What advice would you give to new Activist Online? 

32:30 Wayne Hsiung for mayor of Berkley?

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Who is Vegan Luna?

The term Luna is derived from the name of Kevin Luna, the founder of The Vegan Luna Podcast. The term Vegan defines his stances against the animal cruelty happening almost everywhere in the world. However, we firmly believe that a world, free from animal exploitation and cruelty, is apparently possible.

The only way we can achieve our dreams is by working together, educating the uneducated and inspiring the uninspired. Creating the world, we want to live in, is not possible unless we will make it happen! The creation of this website is to help our vegan community to communicate in many different ways e.g. we can help fight for animal rights, we can raise our voices to protect our environment, and we can also create awareness regarding the health and well-being of our fellow men and women. 

The purpose of Vegan Luna is to share the amazing life changing stories of everyday people like you and I, who are fighting to make the world a better place for us and our future generations. The Vegan Luna Podcast delivers educational content to the public on the wide range of topics like the equality, liberty, freedom and fundamental rights for both animals and humans. 

We, at Vegan Luna, interview the green and cruelty-free businesses and present you the versatile variety of discussions on the serious issues like increasing deforestation of the Amazon rain-forest, unnecessary animal cruelty in the animal agriculture industries, solutions to the animal agriculture subsidies, alternatives to the traditional government-run currencies and the climate-crisis among others. 

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Legend says action speak louder than words. At Vegan Luna, we are the first one to follow our podcasts. Our mission, at Vegan Luna, is to enlighten every person to make this place a better, cruelty-free and pollution-free world where all of us can live happily, including animals, without any discrimination or fear. To catalyze our mission, we come out from our studios into this real world with the company of real people to tell something that makes the real sense.

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