Vegan Luna

The World’s First Cruelty-Free Currency

Interview with Chaya Rena Thomas, Chief Development Officer of Vegan Nation. We discuss Vegan Nation’s newest breakthrough called Vegan Coin on The Vegan Luna Podcast.

Who is Vegan Nation?

Vegan Nation is an all-encompassing ecosystem uniting people, businesses, and organizations to empower consumers and enable discovery, sharing and purchasing vegan goods or services. “We are a community of 300 million vegans worldwide, growing by triple digits every year and it is time to transform from a community to a nation. And we will be the most powerful nation on the planet.” Chaya Rena Thomas.  The Definition of a nation is “A nation is a stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, history, ethnicity, or psychological make-up manifested in a common culture. Nations are collective communities that support one another by creating and following rules for the nation. Nations have currencies and economies, and often have a shared language.” Nations are not always defined by borders. At Vegan Nation, they are creating the essential foundation of building a strong nation of Vegans. Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. While this may seem challenging in 2019, the fact is, it has never been easier to avoid animal exploitation and cruelty. Vegan Nation is helping to lead the way to make sure that this world we seek becomes a reality. They have created a currency for the vegan nation, Vegan Coin, an app for deeper connectivity, and this is just the beginning.

What is Vegan Coin?

A nation is as strong as its economy and the economy is as strong as its currency. Vegan Nation wants to build the strongest vegan power in the world and for that we need a new, clean, and cruelty-free economy to flourish. Imagine walking into your favorite Vegan restaurant that has created one of your favorite meals that you can’t live without. On the way in you notice a sign that says ” We now except Vegan Coin.” And when you are ready to pay, your server asks, ” Would you like to pay with cash, credit, or Vegan Coin?” Sounds a bit odd at first, but so did the first automobile, the first cell phone, and the internet at one point in time. This is as easy as it will be to buy the cruelty-free products you already purchase. It will be the same for many of your favorite online purchases. Alot of people have no idea that there is any type of exploitation or cruelty to animals involved in the currencies they use everyday. That is exactly what they want you to think. There are 24 countries that contain animal meat in their money. It is important to mention Big Banks are “Banking on Cruelty.” Caring people are horrified when they learn that their bank may be lending to, or investing in, industries that cause immense animal suffering. Incredibly, nearly all of the major banks do not have a lending policy that rules out dealing with cruel animal industries like the live export trade and factory farms.

Why do I need Vegan Coin?

As the world evolves, technology enabling social networks are breaking down the geographical barriers, allowing people to share their interests and beliefs with others, no matter where they are located. The Block-chain era brings the possibility of an international monetary system, giving communities the chance to build their own financial systems with which they can empower each other as individuals and their communities as a whole. With this in mind, the technology of Block-chain and its vast indiscriminate nature can help any community thrive and prosper with the empowerment that is possible. Vegan Coin utilizes this technology to harness the power of the Vegan Community and take Vegans to the next level. Freeing Vegans from being forced as to choose only  1 option to purchase cruelty free food, clothing, and accessories like government backed currencies will be a thing of the past. If you are reading this and believe that animals do not need to be exploited or killed for you to purchase  cruelty free options, than Vegan Coin may be just for you.


Where do I sign up to get started?

A great first place to start is through the Vegan Nation App, which is available on Apple iPhone and Google Play as well. On the app you will have the ability to learn more about Vegan Coin and see the incredible offers for investing in the Vegan Ecosystem. While the Initial Coin Offering is going on till the end of the year, you really want to take advantage of this opportunity because Vegan Coins will never be priced this low once they go public in early 2020. Currently you can purchase Vegan Coins for .50 cents on the US Dollar. Invest here if you feel confident about the continued growth of veganism and the growth of block chain technology coming together to build an economy unlike anything we have ever seen.

Vegan Luna
Picture of vegan retailer in Vegan Nation App

Why did I personally invest?

Originally I was skeptical, just as everyone should be when they here about some new technology that makes claims to decentralize the money system and create a Vegan Currency. I first heard of the idea when I saw one of my favorite characters from Game of Thrones, Jerome Flynn, in an ad promoting Vegan Nation and Vegan Coin. That caught my interest as I saw alot of potential and surely they mustt be doing something right if they were able to land Jerome, a very high profile Vegan activist and actor. The 2nd thing that really sold me on the company was when I read that they had leased 15,000 acres of the Amazon Rainforest to simply protect and preserve it with the money they raised. This told me that the company is investing the money wisely and putting a value system on nature that is unlike anything I have heard of my Big Bank doing. the last and final nail that propelled me to invest in Vegan Coin was the interview I hosted on The Vegan Luna Podcast with Rena, Vegan Nation’s Chief Development Officer. This was when I could really ask the pressing and burning questions I still had about the company and if I could trust them. I finished the interview and knew what I had to do. Its a no brainer. 

Final Thoughts

Throughout history we have had new technologies innovate and impact the way we live and interact with each other socially and economically. Vegan Nation and Vegan Coin are no different to this continuing evolution. It wasn’t long ago where we could not fly across the world, stream our favorite TV show, and communicate with anyone from around the world. I am excited to see what this company can accomplish, how they will change the world and how they will continue to push the boundaries of what we thought was once impossible and making it possible. “Either you will invest in Vegan Coin or you will regret it.” – Rena Thomas