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Why Starting a Podcast could be your best Decision

Just starting out

Starting a Podcast can seem challenging, confusing, and overwhelming. I know, because I was there before. I struggled to make the time to start a podcast. I could see the potential and I could see the growth in the marketplace. I am not here to tell you how to start a podcast. We can save that for another day. Instead, I want to share why starting a Podcast was one of the best decisions of my life, and how it can be one of the best in your life as well. Whether you are a business owner, an activist, a lawyer, or anything in between, starting a Podcast can have a tremendous impact on your life.



What made me Interested?

The first few times I really started hearing about podcast was through Gary Vaynerchuk and Rich Roll While these 2 men have very different styles and messaging, I was quickly drawn to them and their polarizing styles of communication through podcasting. Gary Vaynerchuk I first discovered after my dad comitted suicide. He instilled a very different perspective on life that I had never been introduced to before. His messaging of hard work, hustle, empathy, kindness, and brand and business building really resonated with me in a profound way and helped lift me out of a very dark place. Rich Roll on the other hand was the first podcast I ever listened to and he happened to be a plant based and was truly committed to bettering peoples lives through health and wellness. You might think that listening to these 2 would be enough. I mean Gary Vaynerchk is always sharing how beneficial it is to start a podcast and he demonstrates very well how to execute, but that was not enough to push me over the edge. It wasn’t until I was in Kuwait, attending a vegan picnic, where I met a man named Gary Te Roller Gary approached me and said, “Hey, I have heard that you have an incredible story about what led you to veganism.” I was shocked and surprised. I never thought anyone would think of me as having a powerful story. It was my first time hearing this. So I was interested. Gary went on to explain that he had his own podcast and wanted me to share my story as a guest. I was so excited for the recognition and the opportunity and said yes! A week later we set up to record the podcast in his hotel room. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I asked him if I could film the Podcast to put on my YouTube channel. He agree. My first Podcast with Gary Te Roller. Half way through recording the Podcast I knew that I had to get started and it was time to stop making excuses. 


From interest to action

So now I knew that I wanted to start, but there were alot of questions before I could get started. Like what equipment do I use? What’s my topic? What’s the name of my podcast? Whats my logo? While these are all important questions and they needed answers, I was committed to making sure that I didn’t allow them to slow me down and delay this any longer. So i started doing research. I was asking other podcasters like Gary for advice, I was watching YouTube videos, I starting buying essential equipment like microphones a recording equipment. In a few short weeks I was ready to record my first episode. I knew that the first Episode had to explain the purpose of the podcast. Episode 1 of Podcast. The purpose of The Vegan Luna Podcast  is to share incredible life changing stories of people fighting to make the world a better place.

Vegan Luna Podcasting

Why Podcasting Changed my Life

As I started reaching out to interesting people in my communitty that fit the story telling vision I had for my Podcast, it became very clear to me how excited and interested people were to share their stories with me. I could see the look on their faces and the positive reactions they had to get an opportunity to share their stories. They were just as excited as I was when I was first asked  to be on Gary’s podcast.While that feeling was and still is amazing, that is not what  was the life changing part. A very fascinating aspect of recording and posting podcast is the mutual and beneficial nature to both parties. For example, if I interview someone, and share to my audience, they will learn from and be inspired from that interview. If that person also shares the interview with their audience, they will learn more about me. In this aspect it is mutually beneficial for both parties and it feels so good sharing someones story and hearing how moved and impacted they were. The really life changing part of doing a Podcast is the relationships you build with people that you might have never otherwise got to meet and sit down and discuss life’s challenges and how to solve this seemingly impossible problems on a daily basis. The other part that has changed my life is just how much I learn from each and every guest. They teach me life lessons , how to be strong, how to have courage, how to be a better human being, how to be more business saavy, and how to change my perspective. I have made 4 business partners and 24 new friends in my first 24 Episodes. I can easily say that starting my Podcast has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I can’t wait to see who I meet and what I learn as I continue recoding more and more episodes.

Why don’t you start now?

The best time to have started a podcast was 8 years ago. The 2nd best time is now.  If you have any questions or need more advise in getting started, reach out to me here Kevin Luna

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